A hardy perennial Venus Fly trap is a native to the wet and acidic bogs and swamps of Carolina, USA. They catch, kill and digest insects and small animals.

GROWING MEDIUM: sphagnum peat 60%/horticultural sand 40% (inert and free of minerals) or perlite.

WATER: During the growing season from October to May sit plants in a shallow tray of water at all times.  In winter keep soil damp but not wet.

FERTILISER: Plants do not require fertiliser as they acquire all nutrients they need through trapping insects. Although, weak liquid Fertilizers can be used very sparingly.

SUNLIGHT: Plants require bright light to full sun to thrive. during the hot months of summer some shade is recommended.

Venus Fly Traps Winter Care


  • Venus Fly Traps are dormant in winter months. Some plants may hold the previous summer traps but many will have dry, gnarled skeletons surrounding the smaller, winter rosette.  Remove old leaves by gently pulling out with your fingers. 

  • Perth has the perfect climate for a natural dormancy although in areas experiencing hard frosts protection should be provided.  With cooler temperatures the winter rest period helps to promote strong spring and summer growth.

  • Plants that have developed offsets can be divided and potted up individually during dormancy.

  • Intervals between watering should be increased.  DO NOT sit the pot in a tray of water as you do in summer.  The plant’s bulb-like ‘corm’ just below the surface may rot if the soil remains waterlogged during winter so allow the soil to dry slightly (not completely) between watering.  The pot should lighten in weight as the peat moss dries out.  Good air movement should be maintained.