​Create a miniature carnivorous plant enviroment.

Beautiful container gardens come in varying sizes with a decorative assortment of carnivorous plants to help keep your home free of millipedes, mosquitoes, flies and other nasties!!

Trumpet Pitcher:  The Trumpet Pitcher leaves are designed to lure and intoxicate insects with a sweet nectar and unwary insects falling into the traps nourish the plant.

Sundew:  Sundews trap and digest insects on sticky leaves covered with enzyme-secreting nectar.

Venus Fly Trap:  Spring-loaded leaves catch, kill and digest insects and small animals!

GENERAL: These plants are native to swamps and bogs so from spring through to autumn stand the pot in water do not let soil dry out. In winter keep moist but not wet. Use distilled water or rainwater. In winter months plants become dormant and leaves will die back. New leaves form in the spring and are produced continually over summer.

GROWING MEDIUM: sphagnum peat/horticultural sand (inert and free of minerals) or perlite.

WATER: During the growing season from October to May sit plants in a shallow tray of water at all times.  In winter keep soil damp but not wet.

FERTILISER: Plants do not require fertiliser as they acquire all nutrients they need through trapping insects.

SUNLIGHT: Plants need bright light to full sun to thrive – during the hot months of summer some shade is recommended.


Uniquely beautiful living wall garden systems feature orchids, ferns, bromiliads and carnivorous plants.

I specialise in the design and construction of living wall gardens and the supply of exotic plants to create a beautiful architectural feature for courtyards and decks, or any situation where space is at a premium.

An added advantage of a living wall is that it will help to cool and humidify your living environment.