Sundews trap and digest insects on sticky leaves covered with enzyme-secreting nectar. They are found all over the world including Western Australia.

GROWING MEDIUM: 50/50 sphagnum peat /horticultural sand or pure sphagnum moss.

WATER: During the growing season from October to May sit plants in a shallow tray of water at all times.

FERTILISER: Plants do not require fertiliser as they acquire all nutrients they need through trapping insects.

SUNLIGHT: Plants require bright light to full sun to thrive – during the hot months of summer some shade is recommended

Drosera Capensis

The tentacles and leaf blade wrap around the fly to hold it secure and increase surface area for digestion.

Drosera binata multifida

A beautiful multi branching leaf with pendulous tentacles.

Control insect pests naturally

Sundews can capture insects as small as fungus gnats to large moths