Pinguicula Esseriana or Butterwort is native to mountain ranges in Mexico.  It grows in shallow cracks on limestone rock or on tree trunks, usually protected from full sun.  Interestingly they have slimy carnivorous leaves in spring and summer but in winter grow succulent-like non-carnivorous leaves.  They are excellent fungus gnat traps, and easy to grow.

Water by sitting pot in a shallow tray of rainwater for a short while until the potting media rehydrates, then remove from the water and do not water again until the media has dried out again. They are not bog plants so DO NOT sit a pot in water.  


Keep warm and slightly moist and in a humid environment during spring and summer.  In winter the plants require a cooler, drier environment.

Western Australia’s limestone rock is ideal for growing these plants on.  Growing media should be free-draining, alkaline and minimal – too much soil will hold too much water for too long.

Mauve flowers usually appear in summer. 

Pinguicula are great fungus gnat catchers